16 year old daughter dating 18 year old Statutory Rape: A Guide to State Laws and Reporting Requirements

16 year old daughter dating 18 year old, 16 year old daughter dating 30 year old man??!

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And is usually done with the school and starting out in life on a career. It's in his best interest to not get her pregnant because these days a man can lose all of his parenting rights and every penny he makes in such a situation.

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Your daughter is an adult now, in all but the legal sense, so treat her like an adult. I'm sure there is some truth in what she says but not all of it is the one and only truth.

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All in all good work! Here's how it works: I don't know her personally but I can imagine she feels the same way about you as I feel about my own boyfriend.

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The thinking of a 16 year old is very different than an 18 year old. I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 19 we are mature i met him when we where both When she found out I fancied her from afar friends of friends got talking, and we found out we had a lot in common too.

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No, it usually refers to emotional and cognitive maturity, not physical maturity. I was quite immature sexually. She's being hurt because of our relationship, because she doesn't want to have to lie to her mom about dating, because she had to do it in the past Her mom doesn't 16 year old daughter dating 18 year old it when she dates people even her age and i care about her a lot and i don't want her to suffer like this.

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I hope you will find a way to get through this, my best wishes to both of you! All you can do, though, is keep the lines of communication open. Many people do that around people they don't know. I would also go one step further and meet his parents.


Sorry, I don't understand your point, "I can only think he's with her for one reason! She promises me they're not having sex. Would you subscribe to a company for your child to receive a mystery package in the mail every week or every month?

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Safety Zone and information for parents. Back to her dating an older man. Maybe she's right and they'll happily spend the rest of their lives together.

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I am a Hispanic Mom with only boys. Age has nothing to do with hormones.

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Her mother and step father, call her a whore, because of her dating in the past, her family is religous. Ladies, would you let your 17 year old daughter date a 23 year old? She has been sexually active since she was 15 and will not listen to me. Can my 15 year old friend date an 18 year old?

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You married a year-old at 28? Manda JO - I agree about not making a big deal about it. He's my best friend and I'd be lost without him.