24 hour fitness hookup 24 Hour Fitness

24 hour fitness hookup

Does the actually gym not stay open 24r or is it just the wet areas that close early?

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I too have seen guys go into the handicap shower and just shook my head thinking. No one is interested in them, yet they continue to obviously cruise.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

Haha, wow, such debate. Was there after 9. Christian How religious are you? We were standing in my kitchen when it started.

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Every Sunday night atit's the same scene For us both Do you regret this hookup? They did say a lot of complaints were coming in about the guys that didn't use the gym. Lucidus thats a funny post man.

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Can anyone shed some light on that? There have been major complaints to the management and Irvine Spectrum security.

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She came first and I did shorty after and then Kim wanted to cuddle for a 24 hour fitness hookup. I have seen the tall fat latin guy in the T-shirt which is 3 sizes too tight.

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There were a lot of hot guys here tonight. You can always meet other guys and hookup outside of the gym, too! Some guy has made it his mission to try to stop the "lewd acts" in the locker room. Only old fat out of shape men they scare off the hotties.

So watch your backs when your on them The manager was pretty cool about it, saying that he did go back and check out the complaints as they come in and he didn't personally see anything And if not, you won't be there when the place gets cleaned out some day.

Has many amenities like the all men sauna, steam room and spa. How did they react?

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What did you talk about? I wanted to and was still on the rebound from my breakup.

How well did you know them, had you hooked up before? One The Gym Hookup How long ago did this hookup happen?

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Two couples relaxing together in the countryside. Some guys deserve to get busted, you know: