50 amp hook up rvs Huge difference between 30-amp and 50-amp hookups

50 amp hook up rvs

Mike I had my 30 amp plugged into garage outlet with female adapter.

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As we use our RV to visit our families farm, we were unsure of plugging in. This is why most modern RVs have at least a amp shore power plug and all large RVs have a amp plug. Anonymous Can I plug my rv into my house to charge the rv house batteries?

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Rating Protect the connection by: In order to help me out she said I can put a travel trailer on the pad to stay as long as I need to. That will protect your wiring from overheating and possibly catching on fire.

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Anonymous Becareful when you get a electrition. Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page!

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Anonymous For the fan on your converter to run periodically is normal. December 3, at 5: Very few places let you use these, but there are enough places I have one. Jim and Linda Full-timers from to http: This may be a better option.

You can run all the electrical equipment until the combination adds up to 30 amps, then you are done. And an overload causes the same result in every case — a tripped breaker and, possibly, a burned-out plugin.

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We don't plan on doing any boondock camping with the kids. Rating Pop up camper by: All I need is the interior lights and I start the refrigerator.

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If you have a amp shore power plug on your RV, then you are limited to 30 amps total, even if you plug into a amp pedestal outlet. The same principle applies to the 50 amp hook up rvs of electrical circuits in commercial buildings and campgrounds. This has given me so much information that I'm so ready for our next trip. But the continued strain on an air conditioner or microwave, especially when either struggles to start running on substandard power, might end up damaging the appliance.

Your converter needs to be replaced. So, use propane for the major appliances when electric power is in short supply.

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We have had years of trouble-free travel around North America, meeting many wonderful people. It's easy to do. Dear Mike, So just how much more power does a amp shore power plug have compared to a or amp plug? December 4, at 1: