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The Music Man Saturday, June 25, 6: The Opera Goofa cast of cutups dating websites esl Join us in this celebration of the Latino and Hispanic cultures.

Because of its flexible casting requirements, it allows for maximum participation by available singers. Changes can be made later!

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While on his journey, Long Arrow must past a difficult test in order to earn the gift of the Pono-Kamita and bring back a rare and valuable gift to his adopted people - wild horses. Horace leaves his first wife for Baby Doe only to have his social standing threatened by the scandal and his fortune ruined by the silver crash. The Pirates of Penzance Sunday, April 3, 1: Amarillo Opera presents Opera Goofa: The Music Man Sunday, June 26, 1: A boy called Long Arrow embarks on a quest to find the Spirits who keep the mysterious animals known as Pono-Kamita.

Opera Goofa Friday, September 11, 6: It can be presented in a formal theatre or black box, or performed in a bar. The Speed Dating Coordinator thanks the participants for coming and they file out, some in pairs, some checking with the coordinator for some contact requests.

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Everyone lives happily ever after… or do they? The license comes with the right to make as many copies of the score needed, so the show has no expensive piano vocal scores to buy.

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Based on the characters, they fill out a checklist indicating the voice types they have selected for each part. The obstacle is the apprenticeship Frederic is under obligation to see to fruition on his twenty-first birthday. Off to one side, a Bar.

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For licensing information contact: An annual favorite of our regional audience, this concert spotlights the rich diversity of the Texas Panhandle in an evening of song. Celebrating the rich and diverse cultures in the Texas Panhandle, Musica Variada features Hispanic artists in concert demonstrating a variety of musical styles from classical to pop.

The boy is Frederic, the pirate apprentice.

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Patrons start entering the bar. Some are eager, some are reluctant, some are downright worried. A quiet evening, the bartender instructs the cocktail waitress and busboy to get ready for the evening.

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Some are enthusiastic, some are miserable. A few come with friends, most come alone. Another character is unhappy with the scene and eventually leaves not before singing about that unhappiness.

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The women or the men will take a place at one of the cocktail tables and the men or the women will rotate through.