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College hook up parties, hey! chase amante here.

One girl started getting really attached so I asked her to come back and hang out with us at our place. ConserFRATive89 6 years ago.

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Turns out one of them used to be a stripper and now they are both state troopers! You guys should sign at the end of the article so we know who wrote it.

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I actually find myself more sociable at a party without friends near me than with, because in that situation you're forced to meet other people if you don't want to be an awkward loner. Any alternatives to the party scene or more on day game for college? I got more college hook up parties.

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Anyway, back to the point: I'm a freshman and I'm a little unsure if this is for people who are just starting out in college? Be respectful to women.

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Details Want local sedditors? It should be illegal… well, MORE illegal.

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Commence shots of Everclear. Im sure there will be a lot of girls drinking and stuff.

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By rippletoad in forum Relationships and Relationship Help. At my lowest point of the night I more closely resembled a rabid blunt head trauma victim than a drunk freshman.

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I went and got water, came back, and gave it to her. What would you say to her? Sign up to enter our monthly giveaway.

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I went to the party, played beer pong, started talking to random people, and before I knew it girls were talking to me.