Dating a doctor pros and cons To Date a Doctor or Not To Date a Doctor? That Is the Question.

Dating a doctor pros and cons

Also since your doctor generally has empathy for their patients, your children may pick up on their good bedside manner and want to do what they can to help their fellow man. Going to check yours out now!

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Think of the movie No Strings Attachedwhere Natalie Portman played a female doctor who had no time for relationships because of the tight schedule of a medical resident.

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Medical professionals learn communication as a part of their studies. Dating a doctor requires a certain level of patience that others may not need—especially when it comes to the art of trying to seduce the medical professional. All in all, just like in dating any professional, there are pros and cons. This along with the fact that many doctors help their patients much beyond the call of duty makes the profession a truly noble one.


Not that there is anything wrong with being a nurse, but it all goes back to assumptions doesn't it? A surgeon cannot do it on her own but has to work together with other specialists. I really appreciate it. MillionaireMatch has many wealthy doctors from North America and Europe looking for women they can date and marry. Instead you decide to tell people "he works at the hospital", and then they just assume he is a nurse instead.

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They potentially need to be ready to handle extremely upsetting news to patients. In general their annual earnings exceed even those of college teachers or even engineers.

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For example, ladies even have to list different occupations on dating sites to meet men, according to some reports. If she managed to complete her studies and then iligan dating sites the years of residency, and now works as a surgeon, she is extremely purposeful.

You realize that your spouse has the power to make a great difference in the life and well-being of another human being.

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Try it and see if this is something you want to do! This page may be out of date. Doctors tend to enjoy a certain level of social acceptance and they are looked at with a sense of wonder and admiration, both by their patients and their families. Female doctors reportedly have a hard time on dating sites. What are the pros and cons of a dating a doctor pros and cons marrying another doctor?

A doctor always on call On a more practical note, having a doctor for a spouse means that you need not go anywhere else to treat a flu or get a prescription. P Glad you liked the post hun.