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As Stephen says "Mindfulness can help us better understand our thoughts and feelings. As someone who has been dealing with an anxiety disorder for most of my life, I can understand the baggage that my boyfriends are taking on as a result.

It's a really good tension release.

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I do this dating a girl with general anxiety disorder thing where in addition to drugging myself and drinking a mountain of scotch in order to fly on an airplane, I tap a very specific part of the outside of the plane three times.

Relationships aren't easy and take a lot of work -- we all know this. A quarter of all year-old girls are depressed.

I had a great cry this morning and feel a lot better for it. Please know that anxiety sufferers are very aware that the consequences of our anxiety are annoying.

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I know it's annoying, and now in addition to thinking of my impending death by plane, I'll be thinking about how much you, a total stranger hates me, and I won't be able to stop. Their train of thought is set on something and it needs to be finished before they can pay attention to you. You want to coach and help because you love him or her, but you don't know what anxiety feels like, how crippling it can be. You can't act like you pity him or her. Relaxing feels like a waste of time.

It's important to treat them as normally as possible.

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I've come to terms with what I have on my plate, but I never stop to take a moment to appreciate and comprehend the struggles involved with making a relationship work from the other person's perspective. We're not this way because we want to be.

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While admittedly sometimes the wisest choice is sometimes to just walk away, if you want to put up the fight for your lover, there are useful things any partner of a person with anxiety should know in order to be there for them in the best and safest way possible. Here are 8 things people with GAD want you to know: I literally begin to sweat and freak out sometimes for no actual reason. She isn't defined by it, just like you're not defined by what car you drive, which team you support or the fact you down a pint in less than 5 seconds.

We see the world differently, which is not always a bad thing.

Advice if you are Dating Someone with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

What do you do? While you might be tempted to give the world's biggest eye-roll, you refrain.

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Anxiety can be a condition in itself or it can be a part of bipolar disorder, or it can be something that leads to other anxiety-related conditions like OCD obsessive compulsive disorder. Which means a massage from my partner is always nice hint hint.

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It makes no sense! Whether it's picking up their dry cleaning, finishing a project for work or making a call to their doctor, just the thought of having to deal with it makes their hearts race. Don't be surprised if you find her awake at 3am over-thinking just about everything.

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So, instead you just listen and try to be sensitive.