Dating omega pocket watches how do I determine the value of my Omega pocket watch

Dating omega pocket watches, related antiques questions

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If I can be of any further help, please feel free contacting me. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet.

Re: Dating and Identification of a Omega Pocket watch

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In all, Omega watches made six lunar landings.

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The forums say they are extremely helpful. Dating and Identification of a Omega Pocket watch ish Omega will be able to tell you to the day. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the terms of use.

Omega Watch Company

My growing collection of "affordable" vintages: The time now is The chart will never be as accurate as an Extract from the Omega Archivebut it can give an idea of about how old is your watch. Sorry, make that exactly 2 years after you posted your original post.

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I highly doubt that my great grandfather purchased the watch new. Please enable it see how. That last one is very faint.

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These attempts come off sounding about as bad as trying to describe an exact car model by saying "I have a red Ford from the mid 's with a round steering wheel and black tires.

In practice, Omega's implementation of the co-axial escapement has not been without problems. And your serial number could be where you cannot see it. As I explained initially there is no Omega symbol, just the word on the face.

Omega Pocket Watches

I can e-mail with G Mail. Lastly, etched on the inside of the dust cover is px and xms. Flipping the dating omega pocket watches lid reveals what seems to be some sort of commemorative engraving I don't speak French. And since models numbers do not appear on the watches themselves, collectors and vintage watch dealers may not even know the model numbers of watches they have.

Near identical back engrave but of coarse obvious differances in the dial and what-nots Omega used dating omega pocket watches companies to make their cases, that is why your case is marked Crescent, here is some information for you on that company: My camera doesn't have a good macro setting so I know the pics are not very good.

You do not click accept until I have helped you It has been reported that George Daniels who passed away in was not happy with Omega's execution of his escapement design. Options Copy link to this post.

Dating and Identification of a Omega Pocket watch

These watches are cheap, poorly-made fakes that are not serviceable and will not perform like the genuine article. Please click accept if I have been of any help to you, with no further expense to youeven if you have become a member or put up a deposit. Bob, After extensive research I found, Omega always has 8 numbers in the serial number. While case numbers can be seen randomly paired with movements, with absolutely no chronology. Also, recent models include the serial number on a sticker on the outside of the white pasteboard 'presentation box.

Including Serial Numbers, Production Dates and Calibers

Nothing else is included. During this period, they continued to make significant innovations, like the minute-repeating wristwatch, developed in in partnership with Audemars Piguet, and quite likely the first wristwatch of its kind. OK no rush, I'm here tomorrow