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I totally agree with you.

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And why would he want to take note if they're seeing people who OP doesn't find physically attractive? My point is, they may not have a physical illness that caused the weight, but i know after my personal expierences raped by 4 different ppl- all before one for 9 years starting at age three- i won't have kids and had to have reconstructive surgery bc of him they are brain sick.

I grew up in a culture that would deem "unattractive" women as "special spirits. Maybe you need to widen your horizons with different kinds of people in your circle. For me, that's 26 years of self-hate indoctrination and brainwashing. As a big girl, I work so hard to manage my body image issues and I work even harder not to let those issues ruin my relationships.

It's indoctrination at it's finest Do you like fat girls? I know that sounds really bad. I am done with discussing this topic!

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It's an attempt to sugar coat what the real deal is. I keep myself in good shape and only date women who are in good shape. Anyone just remotely attractive are slammed However, dating site serious relationship also know you're dating someone who has less muscle mass than you do and so you just keep walking on your own legs.

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A guy can pick you up off your feet, and it won't break his back. By creating an account on OKCupid, I was opening myself up to love, not setting a goal to find love.

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Have you ever read something so bad, so hideously offensive, so inappropriate that you almost want to give it a slow clap just for sheer chutzpah? My crushes as an overweight girl started when I was in elementary school.

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With Mike, I was too self-conscious to know my worth. Try to not dismiss their perspective as wrong and assume that you know better. This is the situation with some people.

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So I wouldn't settle for someone I wasn't attracted to. They see all of you. You cannot shame people into thinking fat women are hot just because it makes you feel better about yourself or others.

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This was the fat girl dating skinny guy powerful realization for me. Those guys are proud to be there and they pursued hard, one couple is now married.

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All of our opinions are bias. Need to get your priorities straight, or one day you will wake up in a corvette, with a comb over, still looking for that perfect hottie.

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Put an other race for a second and roll that around in your mind for a bit.