Gaara dating quiz Does Gaara Love You?

Gaara dating quiz, how do u react if gaara walkd by and smied?

Everyone datings quiz Gaara no Sabaku, but would he love you? I'll be adding stories to each character later on th Includes friends, enemies, boyfriend, their opinion on you, and a bio. This is a girl or gay guuy quiz dealing with different charctors from the anime Naruto Shippuden. Anyone can take this quiz but the results will be made for girls! Your life as a kunoichi from Konoha!

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Which naruto boy will you date? How will it go?

Which one of these words describes you?

The answers aren't based on the personality of the boy, so you cant cheat. I hope that you enjoy!

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Sort Default Recent Trending. Have funn Kakashi naruto sasuke sai and gaara included only these guys hope you like it! Results are Gaara, Naruto, Sasuke, and kakashi. This does not have all of the male characters because that would be so much work and it would be a super long quiz, but it does have the main guys.

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Would Sasuke fall head over heels for you, or would Gaara sweep you off your feet? Well I know there are a lot of these but Im planning to make it extra special!

if gaara asked you out waht would you say?

Find out in this short quiz, plus an added brief paragraph on why he likes you! It encludesbiography, what the naruto characters think of you, crushhow you met, how you diedatings quizeveything!

You'll fight, cry and find love.

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You can get three different results of Naruto, Gaara or Sasuke in 7 minutes in heaven. Are you Neji's type, or rather Naruto's type?

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Long results may be added later. This quiz includes my own made OCs. Want to find out your Naruto Life? In this second mission, you have to fight!

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Made for girls, but guys are free to try as well. This is my first quiz so don't judge me too harshly if it's Rubbish. Date with Gaara Will he like you? I may make one for you guys if I get enough love on this one!