Girl dating two guys at the same time 5 Reasons to Date Multiple Men at Once

Girl dating two guys at the same time

If i were you i would out of the blue say hey you know what its either him or me. And neither party is under any obligation until both parties agree to commit to each other.

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Overall, it takes a lot more brain power than I would have thought to date multiple people at once, and I commend those who do this regularly. He is a great guy — sweet and caring and… Read More…. Everything sucks; you had two amazing guys, and now you've ended up with nothing.

It's good to date outside your comfort zone. Unfortunately, dating isn't always cut and dried. Your mileage may vary… I think it depends on the guy.

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I will admit I didn't read much of your long post, so I am replying to the subject line. I think everyone should just live life and do what makes them happy. In the past I have always focused on one man at a time, but when each relationship ended, I thought of all the time I wasted, when I could have been meeting someone else. The guilt is so real.

My ambivalence was a feeling, more than a logical choice.

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You're terrified of missing out. He responds to her by providing her with said advice and very good advice, I might add. Don't ever get back in a relationship with her if she cheated on you, just move on. I am girl dating two guys at the same time this guy who has cheated on me twice now with the same girl?


There is no sex for me until serious, exclusive and committed. It is a matter of not feeling alone or lonely when I am with them.

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Evan, First, thanks for the advice you provide on this blog. Yes, the situation did resolve itself in the end. Dating more than one person is a good thing and something that should be part of your dating life.

This person is fine, so there's no need to cast around for others, right?

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That will save a lot of awkwardness and unrealistic expectations. Here are five great reasons to date multiple people -- at once: Say the time comes and I do choose one over the other.

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But to be honest with myself, I could have quickly and decisively made the same choice at any point after the 6 week mark. I am similarly trying to figure out what to do about dating two men.

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And it all starts making sense — he never wanted love.