How do i hook up two subs to one amp ONE CHANNEL AMP AND TWO SUBS....NOW WHAT?

How do i hook up two subs to one amp

Posted on Tuesday, February 10, - Posted on Wednesday, February 11, - Do you have any other pics of pathetic crap?

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He bought the amp and subs before either of us had a clue. Posted on Thursday, February 12, - As for Anonymous, I'll just consider the source of the opinions.

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I now realize I should have done a little more homework before buying I'd be surprised if it handled a 2 Ohm load well. Posted on Friday, February 13, - Another pic for anon Any help would be appreciated. I'll sell you a boss rd amp that will do better on those subs than the amp you have Neophyte New member Username: He is paying for everything.

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How about hooking up one sub and selling the other The amp would set fire to teh trunk of his car if he's more on par with the average Boss product. I have been doing some reading about ohms law BTW this is a Dad trying to help his son This is a great forum and I have newfound respect for you audiofiles.

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