How do you hook up the amplifier before the bombing in dying light How do you hook up the amplifier before the bombing in dying light

How do you hook up the amplifier before the bombing in dying light

Lure the big zombie away with firecrackers and then bolt to the power switch. Crane is now on the top walkway of the tower.

One of the bodies has a shotgun, so take it if you don't have one.

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Step to the end and peak out the open door into the tunnel ahead. Crane hearthstone matchmaking bad contact Savvy and tell him that the amplifier is installed.

The grapple ability can also help here.

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Check out the two buildings off to the right. Rendezvous at the Museum.

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Dying Light Walkthrough and Guide Broadcast. Turn around to see yellow and black bars you can make your way upwards on, moving left and right to avoid the obstacles in the way. No, the cultural diversity in games should be praised. Open the door in the back of the room for a slight cutscene.

With camouflage, this is simply a walk, walk, snap and then repeat experience. After the level is clear, climb up the ladder and look for the yellow and black bars on the floor above.

Crane needs to go to the Antenna area and install an amplifier on one of the tallest tower in that location. Use the same tactics as before to make your way to the second site. Use the zip line on the right hand side to land down below. Now you need to go the next container.

Dying Light Walkthrough and Guide

Further down the tunnel, there are several more zombies and two goons, but there are also several chest that Crane can open for loot. There are tons of virals in the upcoming hall.

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Crane will contact Savvy once again. It's not too big of a deal if you don't have the skill yet. If you lure them toward each red barrel then shoot it, you can kill them with just firecrackers and handgun shots. Unfortunately it's not going to stop the onrushing horde, just reduce it's numbers by stopping reinforcements.

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Walk out onto the bridge to the north and be sure to have a gun ready to shoot the bombers along the bridge. Just swim to shore and climb up the rocky hill.

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All of the containers are blocked off so you'll have to enter them from the ceiling trapdoor. Look toward the column of cords in the shaft and then climb it until Crane can't go any further.

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Dead twice over then. The front portion of the trailer has several zombies and a goon in front of it. Walk over to the fence and look into the next area and you'll see some shadowy figure above and below in the next area — these are toad zombies waiting for Crane to enter that are so they can spit at him.

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Climb up them to reach another small outer platform. To do that, you need to climb to the highest point in Harran.