Jung yong hwa park shin hye dating 2012 Jung Yong Hwa Confirmed to Rival Lee Min Ho for Park Shin Hye in Heirs

Jung yong hwa park shin hye dating 2012

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I dont get it. I love Park Shin Hye. The PD picked her and they guys!!!

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So many comments just based on that How can we even think of him as ugly? Did yonghwa already admitted that seohyun is his gf?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Anonymous August 4, at 8: They're put together, they're suppose to act like they're in love. I'm already happy and contented this way since both are young and at the peak of their careers.

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Anonymous August 6, at 7: Do they end up together in the end? For me believe what you believe, only Yonghwa, Seohyun and Shinhye, know what really their true relation in each other, up to now all of us don't know the real matters and situations.

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I guess that the affect of the powerful delusional fan base What happened to seohyun?? And and and did you see that "Yoong Oppa fighting" towel above his computer Anonymous August 7, at 5: I always see them having fun and laughing out so much whenever they are together.

Anonymous August 27, at Anonymous August 9, at Oh and yoona is a shitty actor. I love yong hwa, i just dont like a WAR.

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N dont blame us if that happen, Seriously. They will choose whoever they want without our interference so we should fully support them in that Whether it's true or not this post doesn't mention a word about Seohyun or yongseo, what are yongseo fans defending here?

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No one can deny the chemistry that Yong Hwa and Shin Hye has. Isn't it amazing how much has been toted as "truth" on the basis of this article which starts by saying "speculating" and "aren't picture proofs or anything".

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But until now, i think she have taken the right path. Peace and Love to all. The above is a picture Yonghwa drew of his ideal girl.

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The funniest thing is that Yoona is gonna play the lead role in that sageuk drama Park Shin Hye rejected! True Stars and Boices know our boundaries as fans.

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And Yonghwa said million times that Shinhye is his friend. My little corner Korea TV drama Vol. Anonymous August 7, at 2: