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One was a lawyer and swore that he would take care of me and love me forever if I would become his secret wife. I got in on the second floor one evening after visiting with a friend. I am a very global minded person, and we share a lot of passions. I have to say, as an Arab American man, the differences in culture between countries and many times even within the same country are immense! I will ask those questions and get some answers.

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He owns a business and works all the time which was always tthe reason we never actually went out. Our relationship has been difficult from the start… Not because of one another but because of our surroundings.

We recently broke up this weekend. He wants me to come to his country and see his world.

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Actually there are about a hundred words for love as pointed out by Nour Ghazal thanks! I am a virgin and plan to stay that way until marriage. I met another Arab Muslim from Syria recently that I had a brief fling with yeah, I use them back sometimes- they are not to be taken seriously by me anymore and he told me his dad had a wife picked out for him but he didn't want to do things like that.

I lost myself completely to his will in the end and then I lost him.

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Anti-Valentine's Day in Pakistan. I guess maybe you can tell its you who are the problem and that you are not wanted here because of your low morality so you should go back home and FAKE MORALITY with marriage and covered up wives who are actually your own first cousins!!!!! What do you think I should do to prove he truely wants to stay here?

I would never, ever want to make him choose, but I know how much he loves me and how middle eastern guys dating we are together. They were very straight forward with the Americans they met and I liked the honesty.

He came to my home the day we met and told me a few rules. Image 3 of 9: He did tell me that his parents were divorced as well and I think that might have been what helped bring us closer together. Knowing more about his background, etc.

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No female in their family will ever know about us. He always says his mom was set on him marrying a girl within the country but his father insists on that he could marry anyone as long as she is a Muslim, he would ALWAYS say this, hinting that I should become Muslim. Yet, he would tell me I am boy crazy and immoral LOL.


But, I am afraid to get too involved. Wired online dating questions get an answer in 24 hours. Do you have any suggestions?

Hamad had been very casual about greeting me, but I felt his scrutiny. I may be rationalizing but to me it means he does try. The descriptions you have middle eastern guys dating of the Arab male herein fits the clinical description of borderline personality disorder in the western world. Do Arab men date black women? I had a TV and a stereo from him along with other nice gifts. Believe it or not, some Arab men like to show off their skills in the kitchen.

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But I was asked out once by a young Muslim man, does it count?