Modern warfare 2 wont connect to matchmaking server cod mw2 connecting to matchmaking server

Modern warfare 2 wont connect to matchmaking server, log in to gamefaqs

It may also be that the PS3 slims are reacting differently to the patches then the regular units. The most common causes of this issue are: Using a script or add-on that scans GameFAQs for box and screen images, overloading our search engine Running a "scraper" or "downloader" program that modern warfare 2 wont connect to matchmaking server does not identify itself or uses fake headers to elude detection Using a badly configured or badly written browser add-on for blocking content.

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Re: cod mw2 connecting to matchmaking server

Its possible the PS3 slim didn't do well with the last patch. I played for more 2 or 3 hours with no problem. MW2 is rather badly hacked at the minute so I wouldn't want to play it anyway: If you wish to be unblocked, you must agree that you will take immediate steps to rectify this issue. Send message Add contact.

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I have the same problem now Do an internet connection test on PS3 to find out. The same thing happened to me, i think its something to do with the nat type as it said on mw2 my nat type is strict but this seems to be happening with all of my games, maybe sony made some changes to psn that have affected the way it works.

Re: COD MW2 can't connect to MatchMaking Server!?

English Back to Top. I've let it try to connect for over an hour, however nothing happened.

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Hope that helps a bit. Accepted Solution View Original. When my games get dropped I get a black screen and a message saying "your sign in status has changed".

I would appreciate if tech support would spend at least half the time I spent every minute of 45 hours trying to research and counteract this problem. I've rebooted my router a few times, rebooted my PS3, deleted the game data, checked i'm on 3.

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Email me when someone replies. Sign up for free! English Back to Top. Send message Add contact. Am able to access COD5 Online play still. The only thing I can't rule out is that maybe the Sony Network programming inadvertently disposes some ISP's at a lower priority than others in order to prevent server overload. Lately everyone is having this problem. My neighbor gets online with MW2 with no problem so there is no regional problem and we also have the same Broadband service.

Could you have been banned? I am open to any ideas, as I'm clueless. I hope a resolution is found soon, so he doesn't take the whole thing back. By XrivemanX Posts 1 Terms of Use Privacy Policy Legal.

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It may be that there are problems with the servers We tested the same things, We both have comcast, similar routers, same software level I had 3. You must be signed in to add attachments. Google the name of your router and 'configuration page'. I deleted all my savegames, as I had been hacked it unlocked everything online However, this did nothing.

Problem Solved View Original Post. Been waiting for hours, with no response. My friends are all playing online and we can send each other messages but I can not get into games for days and when I do, the game drops me.