My son is dating a fat girl yahoo I'm overweight and my husband's not. Deal with it.

My son is dating a fat girl yahoo, 1. don’t mention her weight.

I don't see fat. Women certainly have expectations for men. And I do feel the article has some bit of truth to it.

2. Fat girls are girls too.

BOTH genders are like that. But the worst reactions are from anonymous people online. You have taken the first step to improved self realization. Immediately, that made him different.

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I'd also like to know why fatness in women would affect friendship. Also I know many men who have dated both fat and skinny women happily. I sat a couple seats in front of him in a person chem lecture.

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My advise to the asker if decide if you are happy with who you are and forget men or wait a my son is dating a fat girl yahoo long time and pray you find that rare exceptions who looks more at the book's contents and take st he time to get to know you or decide if family and spouse and kids are important to you and you do not care if a man would marry you when thin but not give you the time of day if you gain weight and if you can live with such a guy then lose weight to snag him and keep it off.

Some guys are very shallow, they just don't have a clue.

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People like you are why fat women should never pretend to be slimmer than they are, on dating sites. That's why you don't get replies, because the only replies they could give is "this is making me upset so fuck you".

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In the end it wasn't fair on either of us to be in a relationship that couldn't go anywhere. Frankly, these are good values to have anyway!

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Some told me they best dating restaurants in kolkata never have went out with someone of my weight if they hadn't spoke to me first but now they had they were driven to met me as they found me fascinating or something to that effect. On the other hand I have very attractive female friends who have been played by assholes who just want to hit it and quit it. Men do not want women that complain, especially women who complain about things they have control over.

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You may think that this is just the culture, and it is, but only a part of it is the culture. It's not some deep seeded racist bullshit being concealed either, I'm not pining for a pure Aryan nation or some stupid bullshit like that, I just like what i like.

So this artical is wrong how can you blame anyone for you lack of game.

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I think attraction toward a specific sex is absolutely of the same nature. Oh trust me if I could live in one of those countries you listed, I would have been gone long ago. It would not be fair to them or myself.

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There are more men under 35 living with their parents than any generation in recent memory.