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Pof dating but nothing serious

What do people do during dates? He made a few odd comments — slightly overly cheeky considering we had only been texting for about an hour. Through strength I gain power. What does "you are a good time" mean? I'm going through a divorce and want to be by myself and use this time to heal, to grow, and to just have fun.

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POF submitted 2 years ago by DannyOcean1. Why doesn't any guy want to date me seriously?

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Only way to find out what her interpretation of it is - is to ask her. Calorie Counter Follow Us: Home Recent Discussions Search.

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Switch to Hybrid Mode. If you're not meeting the losers then I wouldn't worry about it. You are using an outdated browser. Originally Posted by mystikmind Though some guys will aim for casual sex regardless of what you put on your profile.

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A commission is earned the creeper got some. Those of you following 30dates on Twitter will have seen the calibre of some of the messages I get. Hope POF works for you I just found abunch of men looking for casual sex.

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I dont think any of you i know there are many good women on here are like that but I do know ALOT women are like that. If you can't tell by now, I overanalyze everything! And the majority were taken in the last few months. POF subscribe unsubscribe 2, readers 19 users here now Your profile sucks.

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Most guys are pretty upfront about what they are looking for. Just be honest with yourself, and honest with the people you date.

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Though guys have found a way of getting around the blocks of "must not have messaged people looking for intimate encounters", by dating but nothing serious they want to "hang out" or "not looking for anything serious". So, until I have thirty concrete dates booked into my diary, and probably realistically a few back-ups too, I figured I better stay on POF. Maybe that IS all you can find from online.

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Yes you could clarify what you are looking for in your profile, but then you have to take the risk that it's not read. In fact, on my first date with Henley Boy even though we chatted every day for a week before meeting up he admitted to not having properly read my profile, and just looking at the pictures! I'm also not looking for hook ups.

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Like you I'm assumingthere are some who just like the idea of a free dating site.