Post dating schedule ii prescriptions One more step

Post dating schedule ii prescriptions

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

For the American's, my question based on Kolaborators cite is this. Also, if you cannot pay or pay the full co-payment of the prescription, they may refuse to provide you the prescription. Federal regulations have always required that all prescriptions for controlled substances "be dated as of, and signed on, the day when issued.

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I'm prescribed a Schedule II controlled substance on an ongoing basis, and I know I have to visit the doctor every month since this type of prescription isn't refillable. It's a state law.

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If federal guidelines are in place then state law can't supersede federal law. It occurred to me that post dating schedule ii prescriptions might be a statutory or regulatory assumption to the effect that if you do receive a script for a non-refillable controlled substance, you presumably need it as soon as reasonably possible and therefore shouldn't be holding onto the prescription for weeks. If I'm sounding daft, what I'm wondering is this.

In New York, they expire so you will not be able to do that. It is fine to hold on to a pre-written prescription and have it filled when due. However, the past few weeks have been a little different. However local pharmacies will not fill a 90 script for any Sched IIs, and when I got mine I had to send it to another state which actually ended up being a big deal on its own because at first they lost it. I see the psychiatrist every 3 months for med management, he then gives me 3 scripts, one to be filled that day and then the other 2 are dated 30 days and then 60 days later.

That's what I thought. This should not be even remotely possible, unless you get a pharmacy clerk that is really,really bad at his job but then it is just as likely you will find a strong sedative instead of adderall in your bottle.

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My psychiatrist does the same thing because I used to use the mail-order service through my insurance which allowed me to order a 3 month supply. In reality, this is extremely rare. If my doctor finds my condition to be stable and unlikely to change, she can prescribe for a year at a time.

All this is very unusual for me. For instance, can a prescription become invalid if it isn't filled within a few days? However, is it a federal or state law to limit the individual prescription to a 30 day supply?

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Is post-dating of multiple prescriptions allowed? Do they expire if not promptly filled? These prescriptions are not postdated at least they should not bethey have a "do not fill until" date instead, and are closer to a prescription for a 90 day supply, than a postdated one.