Reddit weed hookup How to Find Weed Anywhere

Reddit weed hookup

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I got my current dealer as a hookup from a friend and coworker of mine. Your source for connecting with fellow tree enthusiasts in the Big Apple. Drive from dispensary to dispensary buying weed.

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Those that suggest sarcastic, off-topic, trolling or purely incorrect subreddits to those that are genuinely seeking help may be temporarily banned without warning. Stay green you machine.

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Sure, a citation is a huge improvement from the mandatory minimums of yore, but like all simple citations they're still an easy source of revenue. Dude that's cool I'm half Colombian myself. Who do I see right after? If they're having a slow day, they were instructed to be hardasses. Either way no one in the kitchen ever was fired for weed. Let's keep the memes to a minimum, if you have to truncate your tip so you can fit it in a meme, don't post it. This guy is not even lying.

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The only guaranteed way to score bud anywhere is to be social and make connections. The saliva showed negative on the markers for cocaine, heroine, pcp, meth so it was down to the last drug Use a Primary Source. Don't have an account? I thought there was nothing wrong with someone selling just corn.

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Want to add to the discussion? I decided to say "wait up" and just get it over with at that moment, being fired for something was better than just up and leaving so I went into his weed hookup and it was a saliva test. So as I sat there weed hookup him go back to his office watch duggar dating rules occurred to me that I was fucked. Do not post about deceased people, pets or bongs.

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The Event List is a good place to start, but also typical stoner destinations: Drive out to meet dealer. Plus that's an easy way to make some new friends.

Does this actually work? How do you find a dealer? Primarily in large cities these markets exist.

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