Top 5 reasons for dating a photographer 15 Reasons to Date a Photographer

Top 5 reasons for dating a photographer

Photography Challenge for the Holidays - December 23, Take her to a park, take her to the market, and even take her to your ball game.

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No worries just liquefy it. Got a party to attend?

Everything just seems to be in slow mo. But please, pretty please swear to take her to a better place next time.

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Dating her is like dating Belo minus the knives and needles. Hell yeah, films not dead!

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So always remember that before you dig in to that mouthwatering quarter pounder, let her take her pictures first. Moments later, rest assure that you will have millions of tagged photos.

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Congratulations, you made it to the end of my post! Sometimes they tend to develop a mini documentary of those events in their head by carefully framing each scene. Your every move and every moment is carefully documented on their film or memory cards.

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So you have this big beer belly showing? Admit it or not, photography today has gained popularity since social media networking began.

What she really wants is to spend a great top 5 reasons for dating a photographer with you, and be able to know the person closest to your heart. Want some washboard abs? You just need to be very, very, very patient to wait for her to satisfy her eye for that picture. We yes, it includes me… lol always make every simple moment be extra special.

1. They simply never say ‘No’ to random trips, as they will get some new locations to click.

Ok, so if other girls are so high maintenance that they expect you to use a limousine to drive her around, that is a far cry when it comes to dating photographers.

You just need to listen, and follow your heart. So you had your date, you went out and all.

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She would adore this moments as she sees it as a great opportunity to build a portfolio. All I can tell you is that just follow your heart.

2. They have a very different perspective and their way of thinking is very clear.

Get creative with her and conceptualize artistic pegs for her to work on. You should date a photographer because she will always know how to make you smile.

And now I write my top 10 reasons why you should date a girl who takes photographs.

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About the Author Latest Posts. Photographers would always go to the extremes just to catch that magical moment of capturing that true and unscripted smile on their photographs.

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Or a reunion will take place?