What level can you start dating in hollywood u Hollywood U: Rising Stars Answers for Android

What level can you start dating in hollywood u

However, in pure terms of profit, here are the best dorms: I need a wardrobe designer!!!

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Just keep leveling up, and soon I'm sure you will be taken. You just have to keep doing it when the time of the parties start getting longer your more likely to get the rare people you need. So if you wuat to have an advantage what level can u start dating in hollywood u the game or you simply need to know a few more things about this amazing title, read on and check out our Hollywood U tips and cheats to keep you going! Please consider supporting this website by disabling your ad-blocker. Check out the fan-run Hollywood U Wiki! It says to complete a party with Chris in my missions but I dont know how.

Rising Stars - Trouble In Rio.

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Click to show Apparently Ethan and Addison etc. Connect to Facebook for Free diamonds Diamonds are extremely important in the game, as sometimes they are required to complete limited time missions. At Chris' Beach House, you would have a small wedding with just close friends and family, Chris thought you might want to have a beach wedding. At the end triton and the MC go into a photo booth and he kisses you during the what level can you start dating in hollywood u photo.

I waited so long for the dating feature for nothing!

Chris Winters

Addison takes you to a fashion fair that showcases styles from all over the world. Im so confused ok so I went on a date with Chris and everything went perfect and I finished that dating part but if I clicked on my person it says dating coming soon.

I stop playing because I dont have enough diamond to buy wardrobe designer. However, I have some tips for you to maximize coin revenue in the game:. So holkywood best strategyis to date as many of the free people as you can to get random coins.

Ive finished like all my dates with Chris.

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He is a hopeless romantic, shown when he takes you on many romantic dates if you choose to date him in Amour. Does anyone know if you will ever be able to marry some one in the game. I don't want to date either of them and its like I wasted diamonds for nothing cause it doesn't say I'm dating the guy I spent diamonds on and my only option to move forward is to date people I don't want to date?

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He wears a brown leather jacket with a white buttoned shirt underneath. When I turned the game back on the quest was complete and in the middle of counting down, without me having a chance to read what happened.

The only option is to have my girl date Ethan and Allison. Alternately, you can select the characters by tapping the character icon in the right menu.

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Who will you date? Finally, if you manage to be patient and understand that this is a game that requires a lot of time for you to get far, you will get the most out of it. I need a wardrobe designer and not enough diamonds. Hopefully they'll make it like hss Posted on: Embarrassed, he fled and vowed to give up acting.

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Then why aren't Autumn and Julian similarly too busy?